Coffee Shops

Coffee is one of the best pick me ups of the day! It warms your soul! Experience some of the best drive through and sit down coffee shops in Salt Lake City!

Coffee Noir: A charming place right down the road from the University of Utah. One of the best shops around Salt Lake! They can make any drink you like and have the best breakfast burritos around. There is a lot of outdoor seating and it is cute for a nice crisp winter morning or sunny afternoon! Wifi is available as well. Hopefully they open their doors and indoor seating backup soon! View more on their website.

This is the outside of Coffee Noir

Coffee Garden: If you live near 9th and 9th, you have definitely heard of Coffee Garden! It is one of the most popular coffee shops around. The indoor seating is typically packed so you have to get there early! Take a look at their menu and delicious snacks. There are gorgeous art murals along the walls. This is the perfect place to catch up with a friend and walk around the lovely shops at 9th and 9th like Hip and Humble, a Child's Hours, and Salt and Honey. For more information on 9th and 9th, view my other blog post.

Java Jos: Need a good cup of jo to go? Java Jo is the place to go!  They serve delicious chocolate covered espresso beans with every order! Beware if you get a hot coffee though, it might melt! They have a delicious lavender chai and yummy blended beverages for hot days or warming London fogs for a cool day! See their menu here. The employees are always so friendly and quick. Don’t fear the long line when you first get there, there is almost always one. They have pretty quick service!

This is Java Jo's drive through

Sugar House Coffee: The ultimate study spot with a fun and friendly environment! Their turkey pesto sandwich is a must! View their menu here. Sugar House Coffee is located right next to the Best Friends Animal Society in Sugar House. With COVID, their indoor seating has been closed but they have limited outdoor seating. To view other fun things to do in Sugarhouse, view my other blog post.

Coffee shops are the perfect place for so many things. Enjoy a hot coffee while doing work or enjoy the company of a friend and a nice iced latte and breakfast sandwich. Or stop by for a second and get a nice pick me up to go! Go out and explore the coffee shops in your area!