Best Breweries

With summer just around the corner, you have to know the best places to go with outdoor seating to enjoy the weather and enjoy a nice chilled beverage. The perfect places to go after work to take the edge off or meet a few friends for lunch!

T.F. Brewing: This brewery is located right on 300 W near Target. They have a large indoor area as well as the cutest tables outdoors. They have fire pits outside as well in case the weather gets a little chilly. Not only do they serve beer, they have cocktails as well for you liquor lovers. They do not have a ton of food options on the menu however you must get their German pretzel! T.F. gets the pretzel from a local bakery and it is delicious! They also have a different food truck there on most days and you are able to bring any outside food in if none of those options delight you! Check out their food truck calendar and menu on their website.


Fishers Brewery: Located just around the corner from T.F. Brewing! Their taproom and patio has plenty of space for all your friends to catch up! They also have food trucks that come every day! This brewery has more casual vibes associated with it which makes it the perfect atmosphere! The staff is so friendly and will help you pick a beer you might like so you can try something new! Here is their website if you would like to know more.

Bewilders Brewery: Just around the corner from TF and Fishers, is Bewilders. They have both an indoor and outdoor seating area. Their outdoor area is strung with lights and is covered which makes it perfect for days it might be too hot to sit in the sun! You still get the warmth of the day but not the direct sunlight. The indoor area has a large space with dart boards for those of you that like games! Excellent beers and sours on tap along with a large sausage platter on the menu! Their sausages are delicious which makes it the perfect one stop place for happy hour! If you would like to know more, here is their menu.

Bewilder Brewery

All these breweries are located downtown and very close to each other so make your way downtown and go brewery hopping.