Cookies, Cookies, and More Cookies

Salt Lake City does many things right, but let me tell you they sure do know how to fulfill your sweet tooth. This city has cookies galore! The best part is if you don’t feel like going down to the shop, they all deliver to your door. If you need to send a sweet pick me up to someone, send a box with a cute note. They will take care of everything for you! It is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Below are our top 4 favorite cookie spots in SLC!

Goodly Cookies: With their location being in the heart of downtown, you’ve probably driven by their shop before. They constantly have their classic palette of cookies including classic chocolate chip (they even have a gluten free version!), chocolate peanut butter love, white chocolate raspberry delight, and the big cinnajon (based off a snickerdoodle). Every season, they introduce a seasonal cookie. With Fall in the air, it is the “apple of my eye” cookie. Hands down our favorite, we wait all year for this cookie. It has a warm apple pie center and a crispy outer layer. Go to their website for a full gooey description of everything available.

Chip: Chip is one of the more popular cookie shops around with many different locations. Classically known for its four cookie delivery to your door. Are you a person that likes milk and cookies? No problem, Chip has you covered! Get their classic chocolate chip, scout chip (caramel, semi-sweet chips, toasted coconut, and topped with chocolate drizzle), or raspberry chip! To place an order for yourself or for someone else to brighten their day, place order here. Look out for their Chip of the Month, a fan favorite is the Red Velvet cookie for February served with yummy cream cheese frosting on the side.

This is a store front view of Chip Cookies

Crumbl: Crumbl is another popular cookie spot known for its warm four cookie deliveries. Rotating flavors every week to keep you on your toes, but they always keep the classics (chocolate chip and sugar cookie) stocked! All kinds of flavors including, chocolate, peanut butter, sea salt, lemon, you name it, they will probably have it at some point.They have pick up, delivery, and shipping options for those too far away. If you like icing and toppings, Crumbl has more options for those cookies! To view their weekly menu, go here.

This is Crumbl's storefront in Salt Lake

RubySnap: RubySnap is different compared to aforementioned cookie shops! They do not rotate through flavors every so often, they do have a flavor of the month, but other than that they have seventeen cookies on their menu! No two alike! They have an array of flavors, perfect for a family where everyone likes different types of cookies. You are for sure to find one for everyone!  They make them fresh in their kitchen everyday.  Leftovers are not wasted, rather, they are donated to local charities across the valley. View their flavors here. Delicious cookies made fresh! 



This is Ruby Snap's storefront

Now that you have heard all the different cookie options Salt Lake has to offer, it is time for you to pick the best go to cookie spot! We don’t think we will have to twist your arm too hard!