Tasty Treats

If there is one thing Salt Lake does perfect, it is desserts because everyone has a sweet tooth! There are so many different options of deserts offered across the valley. Whether you need a peaceful night to yourself full of chocolate desserts and wine or a fun family outing with all things sweet and fruity! 

Gourmandise - A sweet cafe and bakery! Perfect spot for date night! They have cute lighting on their patio for nice nights! They have everything sweet from Tiramisu to tarts, creme brulee to eclairs, and so much more! My personal favorite is the Pailletin which is a dense chocolate cake, wafer hazelnut paste, milk chocolate, chocolate mousse, topped with cocoa powder! Pair it with one of their delicious teas and honey! If you go in at lunch or dinner time, try their French Dip. One of the best things on their lunch menu but you cannot leave without getting a dessert! They are just too good! View other options on their menu.


Dolcetti - Located in the sweet center of 9th and 9th. Grab dinner at one of the many restaurants around like East Liberty Taphouse or Nono Pizza then listen on over to Dolcetti for a refreshing after dinner treat. They have the best gelato in town and make any type of coffee beverage. The outside has lights so you can sit out there on a nice evening and enjoy your company. The 9th and 9th neighborhood has so many cute places to explore, view our other blog post for more to-dos and recommendations in and around the 9th and 9th neighborhood. For more information on Dolcetti view their website.


Fillings and Emulsions - Meat pies and macarons galore! A strange sweet and savory combo, my recommendation is to not eat them together. Fillings and Emulsions is located on State Street and is best known for their delicious Meat pies. However, the secret is out that they may just have the best macarons in SLC.  They have fun flavors like marshmallow blackberry (so good!) to classics like vanilla salted caramel. They even offer classes with their amazing chefs to make their special french macarons, sponge cakes, and other delicious treats. In 2008, they were named “Best of Utah” for their desserts. Place a pick up order today and view their menu here.


These are just a few places full of tasty treats around Salt Lake! I hope you get a chance to explore them all.